Decentral Games Checked off Major Milestones in 2021, More to Follow


The past year has been filled with many milestones for the Decentral Games team.

Achieving a first-mover advantage in the Metaverse is crucial, as interest in this concept continues to accelerate. Moreover, the company is now active in the play-to-earn gaming segment through its ICE Poker initiative. These milestones pave the way for enabling the future of non-custodial crypto-gameplay on the blockchain and in the virtual world. Its presence on the Polygon layer and Decentraland are essential steps in that direction. 

Decentral Games has paved the way for bringing dozens of musicians and artists over to the Metaverse. As this virtual world will blur the lines between real-life and virtual life, content creation and entertainment will play essential roles. Options such as music, artist, and even play-to-earn gaming can strike a chord with audiences spanning millions of users. Speedy delivery is crucial, which explains why DG has turned its ICE Poker whitepaper into a working ecosystem in 3 months. 

Bringing utility to the $DG token

The native asset of the Decentral Games is $DG, a token that has undergone a significant transformation over 12 months. It is the governance token of the DG DAO treasury, but there is more to it. A decentralized approach to governance has allowed Decentral Games to focus on delivering its community-owned and fully decentralized gaming platform. In addition, empowering users through playing, rewards, and voting rights highlights the potential of blockchain technology.

Fast forward to today, and the DG DAO treasury manages roughly $60 million in various assets. More importantly, the $DG token has over 100,000 unique token holders indicating a growing decentralized community. Even the upcoming 1:1000 token split – approved unanimously by the community – can have a positive long-term effect on adoption and appeal. The team also plans to introduce a revamped version of DG Governance, which can be accessed here.

Attracting investments

The vision by Decentral Games cannot come to fruition without substantial financial support. Somewhat surprisingly, that support primarily originates from within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Since its inception, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron, Decentraland, and others have provided financial support. Furthermore, the team raised $5 million in capital through a round consisting of AU21 Capital, Cluster Capital, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Metaverse Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, and others.

The extra funding serves multiple purposes for Decentral Games, including a team expansion – spanning over 60 members now – ongoing product development, and ramping up overall marketing efforts.  Moreover, the focus on Metaverse gaming accelerates, as 20 employees dedicate their time and effort to exploring new opportunities in this segment. 

Partnerships for future growth

Securing funding is only one side to the medallion of building a successful company – Forging strategic partnerships is equally as important. For example, Decentral Games has joined forces with gaming giants Atari, DEXTools, the Aquarium, and prominent NFT collectibles, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and leading projects such as Polygon and Coingecko amongst others. All partners benefit from DG’s B2B NPM package, letting them host games and bring an extra revenue stream to the DG DAO treasury.

Significant events organized under the DG banner can be live-streamed online, thanks to a partnership with Theta Network to improve scaling and visibility. As Decentral Games plans focus on virtual nightlife, they built a venue and club with the help of Amnesia Ibiza. The venue and club had a grand opening featuring Benny Benassi and Paul van Dyk, confirming the appeal of such projects to artists and enthusiasts alike. 

More partnerships with major artists and brands are on the horizon, as interest in establishing a Metaverse presence will only increase over time. The Decentral Games’ metaverse allows building and growing communities, organizing events, NFT collectibles, digital merchandise, and many other prospects. 

The play-to-earn focus

Even though Decentral Games has always had high hopes for blockchain technology and its impact on gaming, the pivot to play-to-earn remains remarkable. It is a relatively new concept that has given rise to various popular game titles,  and more projects will explore this opportunity in 2022 and beyond. Moreover, it is a viable concept for Decentral Games, as its daily active player count has increased by 1,000% since launching in October 2021. Additionally, it results in a 4x increase in the DG DAO Treasury. 

DG has provided players with steady rewards through gaming through its ICE Poker offering. In addition, those who own NFTs can use the native marketplace and delegation features to generate passive rewards, including lending out collectibles. The role of gaming will remain prominent in Web 3.0, and Decentral Games has a competitive edge over many other projects in this regard.

Future outlook for 2022

After achieving numerous significant milestones, one has to wonder what the future will hold for Decentral Games. An expansion of the product offerings – including multi-chain gaming, more NFT utility, and more advanced play-to-earn games – is something to look forward to. Additionally, the upcoming mobile application can expand the reach of DG, as there are more smartphone users than computer owners these days.

Speaking of expanding the reach of Decentral Games, the team will explore new opportunities in virtual reality. A VR client will be released in 2022, which can boost overall social engagement between users and bring community members together in different ways. It is crucial to enhance the immersion ahead of unfolding the Metaverse experience.


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